We wanted a place where we could give a voice to the team. A place to work on experiments and share our craft with a wider audience. Where fresh opportunities to collaborate with friends and peers on something new can come to life. Weekend Characters is an extension of our animation studio, a new medium for our belief in characters. A celebration of the weekend and the characters who revel in it.

We are located at:
145 Augusta Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

12-5pm Thursday to Sunday

Want to know about the artists behind the scene? You can learn more about the studio behind the store below.


We're an animation studio with a new retail store. That means we're still learning about shipping and returns so stick with us while we work through the bumps and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Anything unopened/not worn you can return to us and we'll do our best to help get you a better size.
We're doing this to connect with you so please let us know how we can help.

Apparel Sizing

Black shirts fit slimmer and are medium weight. White and colour shirts are a more natural fit.
General guidelines below. We'll start to carry XXL in the near future.

Medium build person
(black shirts):
XS: 4-4.8" ft tall
S: 4.8-5.2" ft tall
M: 5.3-5.7" ft tall
L: 5.8-6 ft tall
XL: 6-6.4" ft tall
XXL 6.4" and up

Medium build person
(white/colour shirts):
XS: 4.2-4.10" ft tall
S: 4.11-5.4" ft tall
M: 5.5-5.9" ft tall
L: 5.10-6.1 ft tall
XL: 6.2-6.5" ft tall
XXL 6.5" and up

Shipping and Timing

Items ship once a week and usually take a week or more to arrive locally, two weeks in Canada and two to three weeks to arrive in the U.S.

Currently just shipping to the U.S. and Canada.

It's expensive to ship items. Amazon has given everyone a false impression of shipping costs. Currently, it's $11 to send a T-Shirt to the U.S. via Canada Post. We're trying to find better ways to ship goods, and when we do, we'll reduce the costs. Right now, we know it sucks.


Apparel is done on a limited run of less than 50 Shirts/Sweaters per design. Once the items are sold out, we're sold out. We do launches in April and October each year, and you can sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know what's coming.